Bathroom Massage Shower Room - 150x150
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Transform your daily shower routine into a luxurious and relaxing experience with the High Quality Bathroom Shower Steam System. Uniquely designed with a range of features to enhance your shower experience, this system is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Featuring a backrest and foot massage, this shower system is designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. The hand shower and top shower provide a variety of spray options, ensuring that you can customize your shower experience to your preferences. The sharp massage function is perfect for targeting specific areas and providing a deep-tissue massage, while the radio 8 FM and top light provide entertainment and ambiance.

In addition to these features, the High Quality Bathroom Shower Steam System also includes a commodity shelf and towel bar, providing convenient storage options for your shower essentials. The system is easy to use, with a touch screen control panel that allows you to easily adjust the settings and customize your shower experience.

The system is made with high-quality materials, including tempered glass and sturdy aluminum framing, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting. The glass is 8mm thick, providing strength and stability, while the aluminum framing is designed to provide added support and stability.

Overall, the High Quality Bathroom Shower Steam System is the perfect choice for those who want to enhance their shower experience and transform their bathroom into a spa-like oasis. With its range of features and high-quality materials, it provides a luxurious and relaxing shower experience that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bathroom shower Steam systems are uniquely designed for bathroom, featuring two sliding doors; with entry from the front corner without compromising on internal shower space. Screen height 2000mm. Sliding doors. Fully reversible screen. Curved model suits Flinders Marblelite& Evo base as well as tiled floors, for two people. The unique features include;


Hand shower

Top shower

Foot massage

Sharp Massage   

Radio 8. Fm

Top light

Commodity shelf

Towel Bar.

Model No. YH-1300B
Size  1500*1500*2150mm
Profile material Aluminum alloy
Profile finish Bright silver, Satin sivler, White paiting
Open style Double sliding door
Glass style option clear, frosted, easy clean, mirror, pattern
Tray option ABS/acrylic
Handle option Chrome ABS, zinc alloy, stainless steel



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