Binatone Smoother Gliding Steam Iron (SI-1605) - Blue
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The Binatone iron offers several features to make your ironing experience efficient and convenient. Here's an explanation of the personalized features: Non-stick soleplate: The iron is equipped with a non-stick soleplate, which ensures smooth gliding over various fabrics, preventing them from sticking or snagging. This feature makes ironing easier and helps in achieving wrinkle-free clothes. Continuous and Variable Steam: The iron provides both continuous and variable steam options. Continuous steam allows for consistent steam output while ironing, helping to remove stubborn wrinkles effectively. Variable steam control allows you to adjust the steam intensity according to the fabric type, ensuring gentle care for delicate fabrics and powerful steam for heavy fabrics. Water tank capacity - 90ml: The iron has a water tank with a capacity of 90ml. This allows you to add an adequate amount of water to generate steam during ironing. It reduces the frequency of refilling the water tank, providing convenience and uninterrupted ironing sessions. Water spray: The iron features a water spray function that allows you to spray a fine mist of water onto the fabric. This helps in moistening stubborn creases and making ironing more effective, especially for challenging areas. Power[1450-1750W]: The iron operates within the power range of 1450 to 1750 watts, providing sufficient heating power to generate steam and maintain the desired temperature for effective ironing. Heating light indication: The iron is equipped with a heating light indicator. This light turns on when the iron is heating up and reaches the desired temperature. It serves as a visual indication that the iron is ready for use and helps prevent accidental burns. Overall, the personalized features of the Binatone iron, including the non-stick soleplate, continuous and variable steam, water tank capacity, water spray, and heating light indication, aim to provide you with efficient, wrinkle-free ironing while ensuring convenience and ease of use. The Binatone iron offers several personalized features to enhance your ironing experience. Here's an explanation of these features: Non-stick soleplate: The iron is equipped with a non-stick soleplate. This special coating on the soleplate prevents fabrics from sticking to it, allowing for smooth gliding over various types of fabrics. It helps to prevent snags and ensures effortless ironing. 1100-1300W: The iron operates within the power range of 1100 to 1300 watts. This power rating ensures quick heating of the iron, allowing you to start ironing in a short amount of time. The higher wattage also helps in maintaining a consistent and optimal temperature throughout the ironing process. Adjustable temperature control: The iron features adjustable temperature control, which allows you to set the iron's temperature according to the fabric you are ironing. Different fabrics require different heat levels to avoid damage. With the adjustable temperature control, you can select the appropriate temperature for delicate fabrics like silk or lower the temperature for more sensitive materials. These personalized features of the Binatone iron, including the non-stick soleplate, power rating of 1100-1300W, and adjustable temperature control, aim to provide you with efficient and effective ironing while ensuring versatility and ease of use.


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