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HAN RIVER Home Appliances Welcome to buy HAN RIVER products. The company specializes in the production of household appliances, and is committed to providing African customers with high-quality and low-cost products. Please use the product according to the operation manual, please leave your five-star praise after receiving the goods, I wish you a happy life! This product is designed for ironing wrinkled clothes and items. With the latest design, it can not only be used for daily ironing, but also suitable for traveling, portable, very practical. Note: Different clothes have different temperatures, so you need to know the material of the clothes in advance, it is recommended to look for clothes that you don't wear very often. Clothes that have been ironed should not be put directly into the closet, preferably hung on a clothesline first, and let the heat evaporate completely before hanging in the closet to prevent mold or damage. Information: 1. Can be ironed flat or vertically to smooth wrinkles quickly. 2. High power heating is fast, and flat after ironing, saving time and effort. 3. Nano ceramic smooth floor, fast heat conduction, small heat loss, does not damage clothes. 4. Ergonomically designed handle, comfortable to hold, long-term use without fatigue. 5. Iron in 30 seconds, clothing fibers easily penetrate, easy to remove wrinkles. Product Specifications: Product Name: HAN RIVER iron Model: HRYD02 Color: black Material: plastic handle, Voltage: 220V Frequency: 50-60Hz Power: 350W Net weight/gross weight: 340g/420g Size: 25*12*12cm Feature: 1. Anti-drip design, no dripping water more worry-free, ironing does not wet clothes. 2. Smooth and non-stick bottom plate, close to clothes with peace of mind. 3. The sharp corner design of the panel is convenient for ironing collars, cuffs, buttons and other small parts. 4. Precise temperature control, adapt to different fabrics and use different gears. 5. High value and beautiful, two colors available, simple and elegant. Buyer Q&A: 1. What should be paid attention to when using the iron? A: During use, do not place the iron on the table or clothes, but place the iron upright. 2. Will the hostel trip the circuit breaker? A: Our low power irons can also be used in dormitories with confidence. Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions, you can chat privately. Happy shopping!


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